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Where I'm at now

I'm halfway though my second - and last - year at Lancaster Uni.  I'm not going back next year, I don't enjoy my course or the university/city.  I dropped French at the end of my first year, because I had a choice between doing a split masters, with one module in language and one in culture - and the culture course was abysmal - or a minor, with just the one language module.  But that would have meant just two hours a week of lessons.  Didn't see the point.

So I stuck to Politics, but they threw in a load of International Relations modules, which is all about war and not my cup of tea.  I've not been keeping up with the work - my own fault, being a student and living on a boat don't mix, so I'm dropping out.

I don't do the snake handling job anymore, John does it by himself these days, so instead I got a job working on the passenger boat that goes up and down the canal.  I spent last summer serving endless cups of tea, fish and chips and hotpots to lovely old folk and supposedly this year I'll be driving it.

I've been reading back over my old entries in this journal and there's posts from Montpellier, Paris, Sweden and Berlin.  I haven't left the UK in over two years and I'm stuck in one of the dullest places in the country. It's time for change.  Just haven't decided what/where/how yet.
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