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Too long for twitter...

I was working on the boat tonight (have I mentioned on here that I work on a boat now? Well, I do) with a bunch of people from Lancaster's cultural intelligentsia. Two people came to the bar, a gent from the local community radio station, and a lady from the city's Maritime Museum.  The gent asked if he could interview the lady, and she invited him to the museum.

Gent: I'd love to come.  Although, I do have an issue on the slavery exhibition.

Lady: Really? How so?

Gent: Whenever the topic of slavery comes up, no one ever mentions all the British people that suffered.  More crew members died on those ships than slaves.

Lady:  Yes, we do mention that in our exhibition, actually...

(me and lady exchange glances... I mutter something about having a choice to go to sea...)

blah blah blah... Something about Whitehaven

Lady: Well yes, most of the transported slaves did end up working as domestics and servants here, unlike in the US where they worked on plantations.

Gent (smiling):  Exactly.  You could say they were brought here to be free. (goes back to seat)


Ah, fun times.

ETA: ah, I forgot the kicker.  The radio station the old dude works for is called Diversity FM.
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