The Happy Swordfish (la_wilk) wrote,
The Happy Swordfish

Must remember to update this...

...because I like looking back on it from time to time.

My life now is full of awesome. Living on my boat in Lancaster, going to university where my grades are spectacularly mediocre, meeting lots of people, and I have the BEST JOB EVER.

When I first arrived in Lancaster I was filling up my water tank at the marina and another boater came over for a chat, didn't think much of it. A few days later I bumped into him again on the towpath. He said he was on his way to see me because I'd said I was a student and he could offer me some work. He said he runs the 'Creepy Crawly Roadshow'.

"Wait," I said. "I have a terrible phobia of moths and butterflies."
"That's ok," he said. "I just need a snake handler."

So we go to schools and he gives talks on animals, he really knows his stuff and the kids love it. Not only do I place the pythons around the kids' necks, I also get to handle the cockroach, millipede, stick insect, snails, and I was really proud when he let me pick up the big spider by myself. I'm learning loads of interesting stuff and I'm really enjoying working with the kids, surprisingly.

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