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Something I'd never thought I'd miss...

Wetherspoons. Well, cheap locals anyway. Spending the majority of my time either alone in the house, with French speaking people or with a French speaking child makes me crave grown up, English speaking company. Add to this that my working day is normally around 5pm - 8pm, when the evening arrives I'm wide awake but I have nothing to do.

Well, I have homework to do but I can't do that unless it's the very last minute. But unless I can be bothered to spend an hour on buses and the metro (and another hour on the way home) to go into Paris itself, there's nowhere I can go to get out of the house in the evening. I already spend 2 hours a day on public transport when I go to college. There's just nothing to do around here. I know plenty of other girls who also live out in the suburbs, but they're even harder to reach by public transport.

I used to complain about Reading that London had sucked all the interesting stuff away from it, but nothing is as dull, or unattractive, as a Parisian suburb. I'm much closer to Paris than Reading is too London, but the nearest thing to nightlife around here is a drive through McDonalds.

I hate being restricted to having a life only at weekends. I hate it even more when I find out at the last minute I'm working on the weekend. At the moment I'm taking a good hard look at why I'm here.
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